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Upfront Costs

There is no up-front charge for Panacea if you install it yourself and learn through the user guide.  If you want us to install Panacea for you and provide on site training we will be happy to assist at a rate of R425 per hour.  (Currently we provide on site services in Gauteng and Cape Town).

Monthly Licence Fees

Panacea charges monthly licence fees for each practice that is administered.  If more than one practice is administered at the same site there are savings..

Number of practices at site Fee per practice per month Applicable from 1 July 2019
1 practice R425.00 Note: If a practice is added to or removed from your site the fees for all practices at the site will be adjusted accordingly to fall in line with this fee schedule.
2 practices R370.00
3 practices R315.00
4 practices R265.00
5 practices R230.00
6 practices R210.00

The maximum monthly licence charge per site is R1400.  This should make Panacea the ideal choice for bureau's.

We do not charge for additional network terminals.  i.e. you can have unlimited users with simultaneous access to your database.

Switching fees

Panacea 7 users are charged at the very special rate of R4.25 per claim.  This is the lowest switching rate in the industry and is available exclusively to Panacea 7 users.

If you would prefer to be charged at a percentage (based on the value of claims), the rates on the right are also available as an alternative.

Please indicate which rate you prefer when you register.
Practice Type Charge
Specialists 0.5%
GP's 0.8%
Auxilliary services 0.9%
Dental 0.8%

Note: Claims rejected by Datamax switch are not charged for.

Free stuff

Sending SMS's  costs R0.41 per SMS.

Support during normal office hours (8am to 5pm) is free.
After hours support is charged at R110 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Datamax requires all clients to sign a debit order authorization.  This reduces the administration overhead involved in collecting our monthly fees and ultimately keeps our charges to a minimum.  In short, it saves YOU money.

All above prices EXCLUDE VAT.

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