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If you are currently using Panacea 6.3e or Made to Measure (Professional or Synergy) you can upgrade to Panacea 7 at no up front cost.  Installation and conversion of your data is a quick and easy process.

Made to Measure users, please click here .

Panacea 7 has a comprehensive data conversion utility that will convert your old database for use in Panacea 7.  After installing, Panacea 7 will detect that you are upgrading and will take care of the data conversion automatically.

A few data items are not converted:

  • Statement history
  • EDI transmission log
  • Hidden transactions (resubmitted treatments)

The above items will have little impact on your new Panacea.  However, if you wish to access them from time-to-time it is suggested that you keep your old Panacea for this purpose.  For example, if you want to print an EDI transmission log of treatments that were sent prior to upgrading you can do this in your old Panacea.

You can keep your old Panacea installed so that you can refer back to it if necessary. 

Things to consider before deciding to upgrade to Panacea 7

  • There is no charge up-front to upgrade, but the monthly fees are higher.  However, special reduced switching fees are available to Panacea 7 users.  Refer to Pricing  for details.
  • You can keep your old Panacea for reference purposes, but once you have started to capture data to Panacea 7 you cannot convert your data back to Panacea 6. You should not be tempted, therefore, to "try" the new Panacea for a while before deciding to stick with it.
  • If you require us to do the installation, upgrade and / or training then we DO charge an hourly rate. (The "no charge up-front" only applies where you have performed these tasks yourself.)
  • Learning new software can be frustrating. Initially tasks will take longer while you get accustomed to Panacea 7.  Give it time.  And don't upgrade just before busy times such as your month end statement run.
  • An always-on internet connection is required. Do NOT upgrade if you do not have this.
  • .Net applications require more power. Do not try to use Panacea 7 on an old, slow machine.  Refer to  Requirements  for more details.
  • Dot matrix printers are not suitable for Windows programs. Consider buying a lazer printer.
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