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  Features: Funds checks & eQuotes
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Panacea has online, realtime features that enable you to check a patient's benefits upfront.  During membership verification  Panacea checks that the patient is a valid member of the medical aid.  However, it might also be useful for you to know what benefits are available to the patient.  This can be done in two ways:

Funds checks:  this is a quick and simple check on whether the patient has funds available for day-to-day expenses.  In general this queries whether they have funds available in their MSA (Medical Savings Account).  The Panacea user simply enters the estimated amount of the treatment (e.g. R500) and Panacea will then confirm if that amount is avalailable.

eQuotes:  this is a more detailed check on a patient's cover.  Full details of the proposed treatment are captured like an invoice and submitted to the medical aid for adjudication.  A detailed response is received showing what amounts are covered, with full reasons.  This enables you to provide a patient with a full upfront quotation showing not only what you will charge, but also what the medical aid will pay.  The patient will know upfront, therefore, what co-payment they will be responsible for.

If the patient decides to go ahead with treatment you do not need to re-capture the details: you simply convert the quotation to an invoice, make any necessary changes and it is then submitted to the patient's medical aid for payment.

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