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  Features: SMS & Email
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SMS and email functionality is fully integrated into Panacea.  Other packages usually require the user to sign up with an SMS service provider.  The user is then required to pre-pay for "bundles" of SMS's beforehand.  But none of this is necessary with Panacea, as Datamax is an SMS service provider.  We will simply charge them to your monthly account.  Our prices  are also very competitive.

Appointment reminders can be sent to patient's using SMS and email.  This is done automatically as part of Panacea's Diary , and reduces the number of missed appointments due to patients forgetting.

Emailed Statements
Statements can be sent by email instead of the post.  Obtaining email addresses from your patients should significantly reduce your monthly costs.  Many patients also prefer this method of delivery as it is quicker and more reliable.

Customized, language-specific messages
The wording of automated SMS's and emails can be customized to suite your needs.  This can also be done in multiple languages and will be matched to the language of the person to whom the SMS or email is being sent.

SMS replies
A person that receives an SMS sent by Panacea is also able to reply to that SMS.  The reply will appear in Panacea's Messages Window .

Email and SMS history
A record is kept of all emails and SMS's sent to a each person.

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