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If you are currently using Panacea 6.3e then click here , otherwise please read on.

If you are currently using Made to Measure (Professional or Synergy), Panacea can import your data in full.  Click here  for more details.

We are often approached by users of other packages that want to start using Panacea but are concerned about all their existing data.  First prize would be to convert your data so that you could make a "clean cut" and start using Panacea immediately.  You could then dump your old package and stop paying their licence fees.  To achieve this Datamax has developed import facilities for many of the more popular packages.  Contact us to find out if Panacea has an import facility for your package.

What if Panacea does NOT have an import facility for my package?
We generally recommend that you go through a transition period where you run BOTH packages.  Once you have installed Panacea you will capture your new patients and transactions to Panacea.  However, you would keep your old package and "run it down" until all the accounts have been settled.

No doubt you will not want to pay double monthly licence fees.  We understand.  Give us a call and we will happily waive our licence fees for the first four months.  Also, if you are currently locked into a fixed term contract with your software company we will be happy to waive our licence fees until the end of your current contract.

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