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  Features: Discovery Health Practice Manager Connect
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Discovery Health provides a suite of online, realtime services called Practice Manager Connect that make it easier for you to manage your practice.  Datamax has partnered with Discovery Health to bring these services to you through Panacea.  The result is less time wasted in call centre queues.

Member Validation
Panacea has always done this automatically after you add an account, but you now have a More info button on the Accounts tab of Discovery patients. Clicking on this button provides detailed information on the patient including authorizations and available day-to-day benefits.  Queries on Keycare members also reflect details such as their primary and secondary GP's and available limits.

Funds checks
You can check if a patient has funds available in their MSA (Medical Savings Account).  You enter the estimated charge for the patient's treatment and Panacea will then check if the amount you entered is available. Simple as that!

You can send a "simulated claim" to see how the scheme will pay the services your practice provides. The eQuote will show amounts the patient will have to pay, and reasons will be given for amounts not covered by the scheme.  This helps the patient to make an informed decision since he/she will see not only see what you charge but also what portion is covered by their medical aid.  An eQuote can be converted into an invoice (and eClaim ) if the patient goes ahead with the service.

Real-time claim submission
This is a standard feature in Panacea.  Click here  for more info.

eRA - Electronic Remittance Advice
Electronic Remittance Advices are a standard feature of Panacea.  Click here  for more info.

What does Practice Manager Connect cost?
Datamax will not charge additional fees for any of the services mentioned above.

How do I register for these services?
Panacea users do not need to register.  All services are automatically available to all Panacea users.

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