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Panacea's diary goes well beyond the simple ability to book appointments.  The diary was designed to be a "portal" to Panacea's daily functions.  We analysed the workflow of typical practices and designed Panacea's diary to fit in with this.

To illustrate this, follow a typical flow of information in your practice:

  1. Your first contact with a patient is usually when they phone to make an appointment.  At this point you will add the patient's details and appointment into the diary.  This takes seconds since minimal information is required.

  2. An email or SMS can be sent to the patient to remind them of their appointment.  This is usually done the day before the appointment and is automated.

  3. When the patient arrives for their appointment you will probably hand them a form to complete.  The patient is required to provide contact information, medical aid details and various other details required to open an account.  Once the patient has completed the form the account can be opened directly from the diary.

  4. After the patient's appointment an invoice can be captured for charges incurred by the patient during their appointment.  This can also be done directly from the diary.

It should be clear from the above that the diary is a good starting point for many of Panacea daily functions.  However, it also has another very important function - it represents a "checklist" of tasks that must be completed.  The diary shows - at a glance - whether the patient has received a reminder, whether an account has been set up and, most importantly, whether an invoice has been created for the appointment.

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