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  Features: Messages Window
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During the development of Panacea a great deal of effort was put into analysing the workflow of users during their everyday activities.  Most Panacea users are very busy and have a number of tasks that must be performed on a daily basis.  During an average day Panacea will need to bring certain information to your attention, but we wanted to do this in a way that would not interrupt your workflow.  The Panacea Messages window was the solution.

If Panacea needs to communicate with you it will "send you a message" - much like an email - instead of "popping up" an intrusive message.  A "bubble" will be displayed on the bottom right of your monitor telling you that you have a message.  You do not need to interrupt what you are doing - simply carry on with your work until you are ready.  At some point, however, make the time to see what the message is by clicking on the bubble.

The messages window looks like this:

Notice the button in the bottom left corner (circled in red above).  The purpose of this button will vary depending on the type of message being viewed.  It provides a quick way of getting to the information related to the message.  In the example above Panacea is notifying the user that an eClaim was short paid by the medical aid.  When you click on View affected Panacea will take you to the eClaim and show you how much was shortpaid and why.

You can use the Messages window as a "to do list".  Once you have dealt with an item, either delete it or mark it as read.  Panacea will continue to notify you of unread messages, so don't leave them as unread forever.

The messages window also has a context menu which can be accessed by right-clicking on a message.

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