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  Switching fees only
R4.25 per claim
exclusive to Panacea 7 users
  Introducing Panacea 7

With the launch of Panacea 7 for Windows, Datamax has placed itself at the forefront of practice management software in South Africa.  We have decades of experience in both medical software development as well as electronic medical aid claims switching.  It is this combination of skill and experience that enabled us to develop a package with such tight and seamless integration of practice management and online, realtime functionality.

But what really sets us apart from the competition is value for money, because with Datamax you can source your practice management software and your eClaims switching from one company.  This will provide you with significant cost savings and makes things a lot simpler.  You only have to deal with one company for all your practice management and billings needs.  And you will never again get into a situation where your switch and your software vendor are playing the "blame game"!

Isn't it comforting to know that Datamax does NOT lock you into long, suffocating contracts?  Our attitude is simply this: if you don't like our software or service then you are free to stop using it.  We feel that it is unfair to force clients to continue paying for software that they no longer want to use.

But we will take it even one step further: if you are currently locked into a fixed term contract we will waive our Panacea licence fees until the end of your current contract.  That way you can start using South Africa's premier practice management software right now!

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