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Features: SnapScan

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SnapScan is a cutting-edge payment system that is fully integrated into Panacea.  This makes it possible for your patients to pay their accounts by credit card, but with much less fuss and expense.  SnapScan is backed by Standard Bank South Africa.

How it works
Patients wishing to pay using SnapScan will need to install the SnapScan App on their smartphone.  This is free of charge and is available from their app store.  During setup the user's credit card details are loaded and stored securely into SnapScan.  Note that, because the physical credit card is not needed by SnapScan after that, it is more secure than a credit card which can be lost or "skimmed".

Note, too, that SnapScan can be used at over 20,000 other merchants countrywide.  This is a widely accepted form of payment, so having SnapScan on your smartphone is worthwhile for everyone.

SnapScan QR codes can be displayed at the bottom of your statements.  Your patient simply scans the QR code to effect payment, without having to enter any banking details, reference numbers or even the amount to pay.  The payment details are then delivered securely to Panacea which automatically generates the payment and allocations for the patient's account.

Point of Sale
SnapScan payments can also be done in realtime, "point of sale" style.  For example, after the patient's appointment you can capture their invoice and go to the SnapScan realtime payment screen.  Panacea monitors the payment and notifies you immediately once it has been completed successfully.

What does it cost
SnapScan is cheaper than traditional credit card merchant contracts.  Here is a comparison:

  Traditional credit card merchant    SnapScan merchant 
  Setup costs    R300 - R2000    Free 
  Monthly fixed costs    R300 - R500    Free 
  Transaction costs    3.5% to 6%    3% (incl.VAT) 

Important: The above costs are charged by SnapScan, not Datamax.  Datamax does not charge you anything for using SnapScan.

Preferential sign-up
The SnapScan merchant sign-up process is subject to the usual "know your client" (FICA) process.  However, Datamax has arranged a special "fast track" sign-up process for Panacea users that will remove the hassle and get you up-and-running in the minimum time.  Note that SnapScan is available to Panacea users everywhere in South Africa.

For full details of Panacea's SnapScan integration click here .

For more information on SnapScan visit their website .

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