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  Features: eClaims
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An eClaim is simply an invoice that is sent to the medical aid electronically (i.e. not on paper).  And who better to develop such functionality than Datamax?  Our decades of experience in both medical billing software development and eClaims switching resulted in a solution that is both powerful and easy to use.

Prior to designing Panacea 7 we examined the different ways in which eClaims are handled by various packages, including Panacea 6.  We quickly realized that the process that the user has to follow is often cumbersome and time consuming.  For example, many packages force you to print a report before eClaims can be sent.  Often the user is required to wait while a "send & receive" is performed, and then check for rejected claims.  This all seems ludicrous!

In Panacea 7 we have removed all the unnecessary steps.  All you really have to do is confirm that the details of an eClaim are correct, then click Send.

We have also designed Panacea to perform many of the above functions in the background, allowing you to continue with your work.

It is also unnecessary to check for rejected claims;  Panacea will notify you of any problems that require your attention.  Click here  to see how Panacea communicates with you.

In Panacea 7 eClaims can be sent immediately (in realtime) or can be accumulated into a batch and sent at the end of the day.  There is currently no difference in cost between realtime and batched claims.

Reversal of eClaims
The "immediate" nature of Panacea's eClaims has many obvious benefits, but what if you make a mistake?  For example, what if you captured the wrong code on the eClaim you just sent?  No problem.  Simply reverse the eClaim!  Most eClaims can be reversed with just a few clicks, saving you having to spend hours on the phone to the medical aid.

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